SIRETESSILE | Raw, dyed and printed fabrics for apparel, home textile and furniture

Treviso, Italy
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We are the partner that the best mills and weavers in Europe refer to, both local producers who need medium-sized quantities delivered promptly, and multinationals who require large volumes, to whom we guarantee a supply of fiber and yarn specialized for apparel, home décor, sanitation, automotive, food and industrial markets.


We dedicate the maximum attention to quality, offering fabrics that completely meet the desires and requests of the client.

The milling and weaving operations take place in establishments in Europe & Asia, where our technical staff ensures the highest quality standards.

Completing our production chain are our quality control offices: rigorous and qualified, are formed by our Italian staff and are present in every country in which we have a head office.


We create textiles of every composition & construction type.

We supply raw, dyed and printed fabrics. Refining fabrics with the most advanced technologies.

Apparel – Home Linens – Sofas – Industrial Sectors


Supplying technical fabrics of the highest quality, from their excellent state-of-the-art performance, capable of satisfying the strict standards and the complex needs of the technical textile’s markets, with a product that completely meets the requests, has always been the objective and place of this division.

We are achieving this objective every day and continue to satisfy our clients, keeping up with a constantly evolving market.


The Home Textile division is where technology, innovation, research, style and creativity meet, giving life to a complete line of home linens.


With 12 new collections per year, all Italian style and creativity that has no match, position the Home Textile division as the undisputed leader in the market and partner of great relevance for many of the best international chains.




The experience, quality, technology and safety of Siretessile, in the Private Label service for Home Textiles are placed in service for the client, to interpret their taste, needs and requests: resulting in complete collections, personalized in every aspect, from branding, design, packaging, communication and ownership are all expressed by the client who commissioned them.




Consumers are finally satisfied and loyal. Quick rotation off the shelves, a rapid sellout and consequently success of our clients are always the divisions’ specialty.

Thanks to the synergies of our various divisions, we control the production chain from the purchase directly to the fibers and yarns and with the utmost respect for the code of ethics, we realize every item in the most specialized and competitive production area in the world for each product, guaranteeing the best products and prices.

At each and every production site around the world, where we either owned the factory or have a partnership, we have our own company employees which are highly qualified technical personnel and their constant presence of our assuring that quality, time and delivery standards are met in every single detail, at the highest levels.

Apparel division

Our apparel division is specialized in the creation of complete looks for men’s, women’s and children’s collections for large distribution organizations, large specialized distributors and retail chains.

We offer three distinct product lines (sportswear, casual and classic) with our 3 brands, creating personalized collections for a client’s brands according to their specific needs.



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