Zeng Promised Martyrdom

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“Just fight,” said the elephant angrily! Who would be afraid of him? Most of the soldiers killed in Dashishan were the subordinates of the elephant, and he deeply hated Chiyou. The Yellow Emperor stared at the elephant. “Why are you so impatient?”? How many times have I told you that it affects the whole body? If you can’t bear small things, you will mess up big plans! Can the national strength of the Xuanyuan clan go to war with today’s Shennong clan? The elephant bowed his head and said nothing. The Yellow Emperor thought for a moment and said coldly, “Let him retreat in the face of difficulties.”! From ancient times to the present, no one can break through the Demon Array. If he insists, it’s just what I want. Anyway, he died in the array, and it has nothing to do with us. Li Zhu understood the intention of the Yellow Emperor. He wanted to get rid of Chi You through the Demon Destroying Array. So he said to Chi You, “This bead swallows people’s spirit blood and takes people’s lives. I don’t think it’s the general’s heart bead. Now that the Demon Destroying Array has been completed, the general can go in and visit it by himself. Once it’s confirmed that it’s not the heart bead, please exit quickly. Don’t be involved by the demon.” From Zhu finished, everyone pushed down. Chiyou walked up to the array. Emperor Yan once told him about the power of the Demon Destroying Array. The Demon Destroying Array is composed of four mirrors of ancient artifacts, which means the four images of life-death, life, illusion and extinction. The array is very strange. From ancient times to the present, no one has been able to break through it. Countless masters are either crazy or dead. Pangu once said with a smile that whoever can break through the array would give the four-image mirror to him. Later, a fool without any spiritual power in the Xiling family entered the array by mistake and walked out of the array inexplicably. Pangu gave the four-image mirror to the ancestors of the Xiling family. Chiyou stepped into the first image of the Demon Extinction Array, the Dead Mirror. Twenty-four golden armor gods carved from huge stones, with their angry eyes wide open, held high and stared at Chiyou. Golden Armor God has no flesh and blood, they are powerful, will not be tired, do not know pain, will not be afraid, it seems that there is no defect, but in fact their advantage is their defect-no flesh and blood,touch screen interactive whiteboard, lack of flexibility. As far as Chiyou, a top master full of energy, is concerned, as long as he makes a false promise, he can find the flaws in the moves of the Golden Armor God after a long time. But Chiyou is concerned about Ah Heng and dares not waste time. As soon as he makes a move, he goes all out to fight hard. The Golden Armor God is very fierce, and Chiyou is even more fierce. He fights with 24 boulders and does not fall behind at all. But Chiyou gradually found that these golden armor gods did not respond to any attack of spiritual power, water and fire did not invade, and swords did not hurt. The thunder cloud in the sky is more and more low, Chi you is anxious in the heart,interactive panels for education, under the cruel heart, even if dies also must rush through the past! When a Golden Armor God struck him, he did not dodge, roared, and hit the Golden Armor God with both hands. After all, it was the body against the stone, even if it was Chiyou, the blood was surging, but he took advantage of the situation to hold the arms of the Golden Armor God, shouted loudly, twisted the arms of the Golden Armor God, threw them to the ground, and spat out all the blood in his mouth. Come on! Chiyou shouted loudly, using the most barbaric but also the most effective way to deal with every golden God. After a wick of incense, the twenty-four golden armor gods all turned into stone men without arms, unable to stop Chiyou, Chiyou paid the price of scars all over his body and two broken ribs. This is only the first image! Chiyou looked at the thunderclouds in the sky and flew forward. The second image is a mirror, as its name suggests, without any offensive force, digital interactive whiteboard ,smart board for conference room, without fighting, without bloodshed, seemingly very peaceful. There is no clever way to break the ice and snow generated by the cold air in the array. The only way to break it is to walk through the wind and snow. Chiyou walked into the snowstorm. The more he walked, the darker the sky became. The more he walked, the heavier the snow became. It was so cold that even his bones would be frozen and cracked. Even the most powerful God could not bear the cold generated by the shade of heaven and earth. At first, Chiyou felt freezing cold and kept resisting with spiritual power, but later, when it was extremely cold, he did not feel cold, or even felt no wind or snow. His brain was dizzy, and he was so cold that he forgot who he was. In a trance, he seems to have returned to his childhood. He is a wild animal, running in the wilderness jungle, constantly fighting, constantly fighting for territory, constantly fighting for food. The partners were either dead or had formed their own new homes in the spring, and even when he approached, he would grin and growl at him. He didn’t understand. He just felt lonely, the kind of loneliness that was colder than ice and snow. Year after year, always fighting, bleeding, and dying; year after year, the wild animals in the mountains seemed to see that he was different from them, and no longer wanted to approach him; year after year, he was the only one who came and went. More and more heavy loneliness, the loneliness that there is no one of the same kind in the world, the pain that there is no place to vent in the world, but he does not even understand what he is suffering. He approached the human village curiously, watching the children play. He loved to hear the laughter, which seemed to dispel all pain. He wanted to get close to them. They hit him with stones, burned him with torches, and drove him away with knives and arrows. The stone hit his head again, the fire burned his fur again, the knife and arrow cut his body again, he kept running away, running very tired. The sky and the earth were dark, as if they kept saying to him, “Rest, rest!”! There will be no pain when you fall asleep! He really wanted to lie down and have a good sleep, but there was always a stubborn thought in his heart. It seemed that his heart was missing a piece. Even if he wanted to rest, he had to find the missing piece. If he snuggled up to it and slept, he would have the laughter that dispelled all the darkness and pain. He would be warm and no longer lonely. What’s missing? Where is the missing thing? Facing the wind and snow, Chiyou kept walking and trudged out of the wind and snow. The snow stopped, the clouds were clear, the wind was warm and the sun was shining on him, and he could not see the human form at all. He hesitated for a snow pillar, which was covered with ice from head to foot, and his face and nose were wrapped in ice. Chiyou stood in a daze, not knowing where he was or who he was. In the past, there were people who could persist here, but after walking out of the snowstorm, they lost all their minds. Because in this battle, Pangu Emperor compared the cold and cruel life with the cold of heaven and earth, torturing the meaning of a person’s life: you have broken through the death battle of the Golden Armor God, proving that you have enough ability to get everything you want, but no matter whether it is for fame, profit, power, love or righteousness,smart board touch screen, can your obsession warm your cold life? Can you face all the coldness in the world and support you through the snowstorm of life? After a while, Chiyou suddenly broke away from the ice and snow all over his body, stretched out his arms and shouted at the sun: “Ah Heng!”! It’s Heng! I want to find Ah Heng! 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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