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Sports & Casual wear

We endow the fabric with such special functions as: wicking & quick dry, UV–CUT, antibacteria and water-proof, breathability, and bring comfortable and healty life to the people.

It’s widely used in sports wear, mountain wear, casual wear, ski wear, wind coats and jackets,etc.

Main products: Taslan, polyester pongee,taffeta,peach skin fabric,shape memory fabric,pearl coating fabric,nylon 6.6 (Tactel®Supplex®),polyester micro fiber,elastic fabric, N/T inter-weaving fabric and coolmax®.    


Down Jacket and Sleeping Bag

The winter is not cold any more and freedom embraces the world. The down and sleeping bags enable you to freely exhibit your elegant demeanor and liveliness in cold winter.

The fabric is widely used in: down garments, cotton coats, snow coats, sleeping bags and winter sport wears.

Main products:  nylon6,nylon 6.6(15D20D30D40D),high-density down-proof fabric, Tactel®, polyester40D50Ddown-proof series,mental wire,pearl coating , PU shinning, cire outside fabric,shape memory fabric and N/T inter-weaving fabrics.


Outdoor Fabrics

Embrace the nature and go well up to bridle. The outdoor fabrics provide professional assurance for your outdoor travel!

The fabric is widely applied in: mountain wear, ski wear, luggage and backpack, motorcycle suits,sport wear,sand beach chairs, tents etc.

Main products: oxford(nylon210D, 420D, polyester300D, 600D)fabric, high strength abrasion-resistant fabric and silicone coating fabrics.


Functional Series

   Science and technology change the future.

   We focus on our specialty,so we’re professional!

Wicking&quick dry: By adopting unique yarn for weaving or the special post-finishing craft process, the fabric is endowed with excellent wicking & quick dry function and your body will always feel comfortable.

Teflon: watr-repellency,oil-repellency, stain-repellency, keep the fabric clean and easily cared;

Anti-static: it can effectively eliminate uncomfortable feeling caused by cloth intertwist due to dust adherence by static, which is generated by rubbing during wearing.

Anti-bacteria: with the scientific experiments,the fabric is proved to be able to kill all sorts of pathogenic bacteric and restrain the generation of bacteria effectively,avoid the odor and prevent the bacteria to harm human body.

UV–CUT: The UV–CUT fabric is woven with special UV–CUT yarn or process with UV–CUT finishing. It has better stability of color fastness and the better sushine shielding. It can effectively protect human bodies from ultraviolet harms.

Nylon-Printing Series

Our company has developed the after finished about nylon-printing,The Taslon fabrics can be printed for five color sets.And other nylon fabrics can be printed for three color sets.



Normal Finishing

This series adopts xinjiang cotton and American cotton and is processed with dyeing and finishing processes to endow the fabric with abundant color, fully exhibit cotton-quality style and keep its inherent coziness. The traditional skilled craft unconsciously changes its fortune. It’s still plain, but plain and beautiful.

This series is widely used in casual suits, trousers, cotton suits and casual suits.


Silky-touch Series

This series uses special craft to process fabrics, endows fabric with Silky-touch, coziness, good breathability, smooth coolness and pendency feel, etc.

This series is widely used in top-grade shirts, skirts, wind coats, female trousers and top-grade female knickers, etc.


Fading Away Series

By introducing special dyeing process, this series endows the fabric with natural and pure feel, but never lose the personality of fashion and uniqueness. It fully exhibits the unique nostalgic casual style.

The fabric is the first choice for casual wears of both male and female.


Special Processing Series

Colorful life is derived from colorful fabric art and fashion pursuance!

Main products: carbon coating, micro sanding, peach skin pattern, printing, Cold pad-batch dyeing and special softening.

It’s widely used in suits, jackets and trousering ,etc.


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