When he smiles, he is in his prime (a woman secretly loves a man)

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The group of people gathered together, and the breeze came. Meng Shengnan stood in the middle of the open space with his guitar and calmed down his nervous mood. At that time, it was still slightly bright, and there were not many men and women strolling along the river. The Oriental Pearl stands far away, and the city is as prosperous as flowers. The string moves and moves, soothing and gentle. All these years, alone. The wind has passed and the rain has gone. There have been tears, there have been faults. Remember what to hold on to. “True love, will understand.”. Will be lonely, will look back. …… “I’ll do that.” Lu Huaixiao, “always have a dream, always have you, in my heart.” At that time, the sky was always blue, and we were still us. I came here because of an idea to know such a group of people. We were talking and laughing. One word from you, one word from me, and one word from him, you can reach fifty thousand miles of rivers, lakes and seas. In one direction by the river,interactive whiteboard for schools, the boy’s line of sight was staring here. Look over there. The boy said to another boy beside him. Both men, tall and thin in gray coats, leaned against the fence. The boy who was asked looked up lazily and pursed his lips gently. He played with the lighter in his hand and tried to light a cigarette. As soon as he looked over, Meng Shengnan was lowering his head. Look at the place or the people? He laughed cynically. The schoolboy chuckled: “Your this eye is quite poisonous, see person line.” He smiled again, lowered his head to light the cigarette, raised it again,electronic board for classroom, and squinted over there. The girl turned sideways to play the guitar and only looked at the side face. Around a group of men and women, 16, 78 years old, they are the same kind of people. Zheng, what do you think of that girl? He took one look, looked away, turned his head sideways and said, “Want to chase?” The boy laughed. “Just ask.” “Come on.” The boy laughed and said, “I dare not compare with you.” He smoked a cigarette, snorted, and pouted his chin at Meng Shengnan’s back. “Do you like this?” He asked. The schoolboy paused a little while, ask in reply: “That you, like which kind?” He laughed and snorted again. You don’t know? He asked in reply. The boy laughed. He raised his eyebrows and licked his front teeth with the tip of his tongue. “Lu Sibei, are you playing with your buddies?” The boy shrugged his shoulders, interactive panel board ,touch screen whiteboard, and the two of them turned their attention away and talked nonsense. The song over there is still singing, distant and melodious. Friends walk together for a lifetime, and those days are gone. “……” The song floated in the air and dispersed with time. The wind is getting stronger by the river, and the men and women have left to go to the Potala Palace with their wishes. That night they went to KTV to play until midnight, and six people went back to the hotel along the street. At night, Shanghai is always full of debauchery. It was a day that Meng Shengnan especially missed. That night, Zhang Yiyan said later: “It’s very nice to play.” Meng Shengnan smiled. The list of winners was announced the next afternoon, when Meng Shengnan was the only one left in the room. Zhou Ningzhi had something to do and returned to Nanjing early in the morning. The rest went out to play again. She had a rest in the hotel alone. She had her period in the morning, but she fell asleep at noon because of the pain. Later, after waiting for some time, there was still no notice, and she thought it was over. When he went out, Jiang Jin just came back. The snow has melted and the sun is very good. He looked at her for a moment and smiled bitterly. “Sister, come back next year with my brother.” As soon as that sentence came out, Meng Shengnan knew what was going on. She just suddenly had a sour nose and was too stuffy to speak. Jiang Jin walked over slowly and hugged her gently: “I can’t coax people, but don’t cry.” Meng Shengnan bit his lip and shook his head slowly after a long time. What do you want to eat? I’ll take you there. Meng Shengnan shook his head. Think of it as a visit to relatives. Meng Shengnan stood up straight with wet eyes: “What relatives?” “Brother is not?” Meng Shengnan pulled the corners of his mouth. There’s still a long way to go, isn’t there? Meng Shengnan is not the kind of fragile person, but a little too lost in the heart. She smiled at Jiang Jin and said, “They must be too busy now, so I won’t wait.” “Back now?” “Well, say congratulations for me.” “Cheng.” Meng Shengnan lowered his head and raised it again: “Am I quite unpromising?” “Who said that? I beat him.” Meng Shengnan smiled faintly. Jiang Jin said, “Be strong. It’s a big deal.” “Mmm.” Jiang Jin rubbed her hair and said with a smile, “OK, I’ll take you to the railway station.” Don’t. ” Jiang Jin asks: “Is that bus station head office?” Meng Shengnan nodded and went back to the house to quickly pack up his schoolbag for fear of bumping into them. Jiang Jin sent her to the bus stop. Before he left, he said, “Go back and contact Q-Q. Don’t always hide. Do you know?” “Oh.” “I’ll call you at home and harass you.” He’s still shouting. I know. Let’s go. The bus moved slowly, and Jiang Jin was still waving to her. The wind is still blowing and the snow is melting. Meng Shengnan sat in the last row and opened the window to look out. Rows of tall buildings stood in great numbers. At that time, Shanghai was really beautiful and contained all her dreams. She always thought she would get it again, but it was not enough, not enough effort. Many years ago, when she was studying, a teacher asked her to use an idiom to describe her mood at that time. Great joy and great sorrow. She thought. 、-1-4 That year was really not good. Meng Jin did not say anything, but she felt uncomfortable, Zhou Ningzhi called home to encourage her not to give up, Jiang Jin smiled every night to tease her. Qi Qiao did not go to live with Song Jiashu for the first time this year, and came to play with her. Meng Shengnan listens to the repeater, friend’s single cycle, Zhou Huajian’s voice makes people want to cry. Years later, Kang Qi would occasionally sit idly with Meng Jin and ask her about her studies. She put aside the matter of writing for a while, and Kang asked why. Meng Shengnan said, “My mother said she would learn from you to go to Peking University.” Kang Qi smiled. Once I was caught red-handed reading a book in a bookstore. I asked her in reply, “Didn’t you put it down?” Meng Shengnan said: “Books still need to be read to increase knowledge.” “I will go back to Beijing tomorrow,” Kang said. Then he handed her several books. For me? “Well,classroom interactive whiteboard, a New Year’s gift.” Meng Shengnan raised his eyes and said, “Do they also have Li Wan?” “Well, yours is different.” Meng Shengnan took the book and smiled: “Central air conditioning.” 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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