UNIFI | Performance yarns supplier Greensboro, NC, USA
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 Through strategically located partners and ventures, we source, manufacture, consult and sell in locations around the world, from China to the Americas. In the U.S., our vertically integrated processes transform plastic bottles into amazing recycled performance fiber. And wherever we work—which can be wherever you choose to do business—we have the consistent service, flexibility and high-quality, innovative products you demand.

From backpacks to automotive seating, our eco-friendly products and advanced performance technologies have inspired designers and innovators around the world. We wanted you to see how Unifi helps makes products better in a wide range of categories. This could be the starting point of your next great idea.


The world’s leading, recycled performance fiber is made for the good of tomorrow.


The leading suite of advanced performance technologies takes your designs to the next level.


For fast, reliable solutions, look no further than our globally available, cost-conscious fiber.


Open up a world of product possibilities with 100% recycled flake and chip.


From technical expertise, to global, door-to-door delivery, we’ve got you covered.



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