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Emperor Fu Zhe such a long time, the help has been done, it is time to sort out the administration of officials, this battle is not by a reason, the emperor just want to see, what are the murmurs above the temple. So whether it is victory or defeat, the emperor has been fully prepared. Of course, it’s better to win. Momentum like a rainbow is a good omen, and the emperor is more successful in doing things. If you lose, just go back to Kyoto and be demoted to the common people. At this point, he suddenly laughed and said, “You can’t be reluctant to part with the prosperity of Kyoto!” Fu Tingyun knew that he was trying to ease the atmosphere and amuse himself. But she’s really not happy. Don’t fool me! Fu Tingyun pouted, “how many of the defeated commanders can end up with a good end?”? I don’t want you to be promoted or defeated. I just want you to come back safely day and night. Seeing Fu Tingyun so depressed, Zhao Ling couldn’t help regretting what she had just done. She pulled her shoulder and looked at her beautiful face and said with a smile, “I’m going to earn a second-grade wife for you!”! You can’t discourage me. Fu Tingyun couldn’t help laughing: “Are you coaxing me again?”? Mother-in-law is just a lady of the third grade, where I can be the lady of the second grade! Fortunately, I have been studying for a few days, otherwise,Calacatta Nano Glass, I am afraid I will be coaxed by you to think that the sun is rising from the west! When Zhao Ling saw that she didn’t want to do this for the time being, she felt happy and joked with her with a smile: “Although people are good from the book, I don’t think so.” Then he talked about the scene when they first met, “If an ordinary woman met a bandit here, wouldn’t she want to report to the official?”? It can be seen that you are not reading too many books, but because you are too smart. I know I’m a good man at a glance. Fu Tingyun couldn’t help laughing: “Are you praising me or you?” Zhao Ling laughed. Fu Tingyun also talked about Zhao Ling’s going to Guizhou: “This battle is so important,Agate Stone Price, can’t we let Mo Yi go?”? You can continue to be his assistant. Zhao Ling listened not to break out in a cold sweat: “The emperor is to take the opportunity to let me out of the influence of the Mo family, how can you promise to let me go to others to do deputy?”? Besides, the emperor is not aimless. When the Marquis of Longping went south, didn’t I become the chief battalion officer? I’m quite familiar with the situation over there, and you can sit on the news of my great victory. But in the heart, if it is really concerned about chaos, a Yun himself is so calm and rational when he is trapped, now he is just leading her alone into such a panic-today net said some childish words. However, is this also said in the heart of a Yun, he is more important than herself? At this thought, Zhao Ling hugged Fu Tingyun’s arm a little tighter, and his face also stuck to Fu Tingyun’s face: “Ah Yun, darling, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,Agate Slabs For Sale, I’ll be all right.” Fu Tingyun bit his lip and nodded. As if in agreement with Zhao Ling’s words, more, but as if to convince themselves. Suddenly, she felt her stomach move. Zhao Ling, who was clinging to her, also felt it immediately. He was slightly stupefied and immediately laughed: “Our third brother is angry-father and mother just talked and forgot him!” Then he sat Fu Tingyun on the Kang beside him with great interest, half squatting and touching Fu Tingyun’s stomach. “Just now he seemed to kick here.” Do you think he is a boy? So naughty! If it’s a girl, you have to take good care of her, so that you can’t get married when you grow up. Fu Tingyun also thought it was funny and said, “You started to move when you were five months old. Brother Xi was even lazier. He didn’t start to move until he was eight months old. At first, I was worried about what happened to the child.” It’s been six months. It’s not too late. When Zhao Ling heard this, there was a flash of shame in his eyes: “When the third brother was born, I was not at home…” “What can you do at home?” Fu Tingyun knew that this was a knot in her husband’s heart, so he made a disapproving look to comfort her and said with a smile, “You just have to write a letter every ten days like before, and I’ll read it to the children, so that they can know that although Dad is thousands of miles away, he is always thinking about them!” “Sure, sure.” Zhao Ling hurriedly promised, “Although Guizhou is a long way away, the official documents of the Ministry of War can usually arrive.”. “I have told Lin Chi that if you have anything to do, let him take the message, and he will convey it to me through the official documents of the Ministry of War.” Fu Tingyun nodded. Anxin said through the curtain, “Ninth Master, madam, Lord Jin and Lord Yang are here.” Fu Tingyun was a little surprised. Zhao Ling said quietly, “Now the situation has changed. I asked them if they would like to go to Guizhou with me. Both of them answered immediately. To resist foreign aggression, we must first pacify the interior. I think they should go back and discuss with their families first. They must be talking back and forth with me.” “Then go quickly!” Fu Tingyun helped Zhao Ling straighten his skirt. Zhao Ling kissed Fu Tingyun on the cheek and then went out. Then the fifth cousin arrived and said bluntly, “I heard about the nine brothers-in-law going to Guizhou. The nine brothers-in-law are capable people. You don’t have to worry too much.” In front of his own sister, Fu Tingyun did not hide it. He sighed and said, “I know, but I can’t calm down in my heart.”. I want to go to the temple and ask for a peace charm for him. “I’ll go with you!” The fifth cousin also felt that this was better. “I don’t know which of the Zen temples in Kyoto has the most efficacious amulet?”? This year is a small year, let’s go again tomorrow! The fifth cousin and Fu Tingyun thought of going together. As soon as she told Zhao Ling, Zhao Ling thought to herself that it was freezing cold, and it was the New Year’s Day, and the temple was cold and quiet. She might as well go after the New Year, and catch up with a temple fair or something. But when she saw Fu Tingyun’s eyebrows faintly worried, she quickly answered with a smile: “Let’s go to Tanzhe Temple.”? I’ll go with you. You can also go to see your husband and ask him for advice about Guizhou. Fu Tingyun was delighted to hear this. As long as it is good for Zhao Ling, she is willing to do it. Ok! Would you like to take Youyou and Brother Xi with you? “The weather is too cold and the children are still young, so stay at home.” Zhao Ling laughed and said,Silver Travertine Slabs, “Let’s go with the fifth brother-in-law.”. When the time comes, I will go to see my husband and let my fifth brother-in-law accompany you to worship the Bodhisattva. “No!” Fu Tingyun said, “You should also go to worship the Bodhisattva and let the Bodhisattva bless you safely and smoothly.” 。

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