The ferocious pet by poor and sour girl

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“My child may be blind. I have to find a way to teach him to read!” The green warbler grinned with a firm gleam in her eyes. Donger’s eyes were all round. “I can’t see anything. How can I learn?”? The maidservant could see everything, and felt that the big characters were all like spiders, sometimes round and sometimes square, with so many legs. It was estimated that no one would teach the maidservant to learn. The green warbler smiled without a word, ignored the crowd, buried her head, and danced the scissors dazzlingly. Moments later, a pile of cardboard was piled up in the corner of the table, and a row of hollowed-out characters were neatly stacked in the middle of the table. The crowd heard her say in a crisp voice, “Two wooden forks together are a’person ‘, and three’mouths’ together are a’product’. This is the word’character ‘.”. Turn the “small” upside down, and add another “abrupt” at the bottom, that is, “light”, “sun” and “moon” next to each other, that is, “bright”, three “stones” together in a pile, is a “Lei”, a fence in the sky, the ground is Luoyang’s “Luo”, together is “open and aboveboard”. Seeing how dumbfounded they were, the warbler didn’t know if they understood, so she explained,Carrara Marble Slab, “He can’t see. Maybe he can touch it. I’ll let him touch the words. If he understands them, he’ll remember them. If he remembers them, I’ll teach him how to put them together. He knows more than one. Only when he knows one can he write. I don’t want him to be knowledgeable, but I want him to write to me when he’s sick or in pain, or his throat is hoarse and he can’t speak.” It’s better to let me know where he’s uncomfortable and where he’s in pain than to let me be helpless and watch him suffer. She stroked her lower abdomen and said with a smile, “It’s not difficult to read. If you are willing to learn, you will follow him in the future and I will teach you together.” Several people hurriedly shook their heads and begged for mercy, looking at the pile on the table, and their brains were already dizzy. Feng yuan came at the end of February. He hadn’t seen the green warbler for a month and a half. It was a lie to say that he didn’t want to. Although there is a difference between high and low,Pietra Gray Marble, to a girl, he wants to laugh, want to scold, when need to feel guilty, when need to endure? But on that day, he knew that Feng Tong had wronged her, and he deliberately kept her cold, did not support her, and left her idle for so long. She had planned to come at the beginning of the month, but she could not help feeling a little timid. Although she did not dare to complain about her anger, she was a little cold to him? Pure Brightness the first few days, Hou Fu’s family went to the mountain to sweep the grave. The rotten wood and withered leaves made him feel empty in his heart. Therefore, he couldn’t help coming today. When Chunqiao saw him enter the door, she hurriedly piled up her smiling body and said, “My maidservant, congratulations to the master. Our girl has a body!” What? Feng yuan did not come to his senses for a long time, and when he recovered, Grey Marble Slab ,Agate Slabs Countertops, he rushed into the room with a few steps. The green warbler was carrying a bowl of crisp honey porridge, the butter sold by the people in the west, the newly made honey on the mountain, the sweet green rice, and the golden soft glutinous mixed with red wolfberry. The small spoon kept scooping up, and she ate happily. It was the third bowl. The little face came up to her, pulled the last grain of rice into her mouth along the edge of the bowl, took the spoon and scraped the porridge juice on the waist of the bowl. She smacked her mouth, licked the spoon, and reluctantly put down the bowl. Although not full, but also can not eat, every meal is not three steamed buns or two steamed buns, meat and eggs are not delayed, in the future this child fell to the ground, really became a white round big steamed bun can do! What if I can’t walk when I grow up! Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she couldn’t help laughing. Hee hee, just now the inner wall of the bowl waist was scraped by her. In a moment, the bottom of the bowl gathered a pool of porridge juice the size of a copper plate. But then she frowned, estimated cold, into the stomach is not good for the fetus? Can be really greedy to feel uncomfortable, scoop or not scoop? What a view of the West! Feng yuan looked straight at her. Boy, which starving ghost was attached to her? Look, staring at the bowl with red eyes, do you want to chew the bowl raw? “What are you looking at?”? Bitter and bitter, I came, but I didn’t greet him. The green warbler winked and raised her head in disbelief. Although she knew that he could not come all his life, she was caught off guard by the fact that he had been busy with his stomach recently and had forgotten this man. Have a body? How long has it been? The green warbler looked at his face carefully and saw that he was grinning, his eyes were shining, and there were a few shallow lines in the corners of his eyes. She was really happy. She was a little relieved. He should not have known about the poisonous meat. She smiled and replied gently, “It’s been a month and a half.” Feng yuan nodded and thought about it. He came on the eighth day of the New Year and stayed for a few days. It should have been at that time. Pulling her gently into his arms, he slowly covered her lower abdomen with his hand. He exulted, “It’s a good time to catch up with the New Year’s Day. This child must be a lucky one. I’m sure it’s a son!” The green warbler pursed her lips and smiled noncommittally. Remembering the false alarm that day, he hurriedly begged him, “The maidservant has never been taught by his mother about women’s affairs. Please invite a doctor to sit in the house for the maidservant. How is the little master Xuanmiao?” Feng yuanfang had already thought of a way to settle her, so he shook his head. Seeing that she looked disappointed, he comforted her with a smile and said, “In the past year, you have kept your duty and served you well. Now you have become a great hero of the Feng family. How can I let you wander outside again? When I let your wife choose a good day, I will welcome you into the house.” When the words fell, he waited for her to throw herself into his arms with gratitude, but the green warbler did not turn pale as he had thought, and he was quite frightened when he was about to enter the Dragon Pool. She wanted to refuse, but what reason could she find? “The maidservant does not want to enter the mansion, but also wants to live a few more years, hehe.” Looking for smoke! She suddenly remembered that day in the Zhengyang Tower, he looked down upon the theory, said Tong Gu Ruo to accept a woman who had appeared in public as a concubine, is extremely humiliating, is to be colleagues and friends and even all Bianjing people to poke the spine. Ha ha, such a humiliating speech, she is despised again, today can not avoid borrowing. While Feng yuan was not paying attention, she secretly stared at him until his eyes were red. Somehow, tears were forced out of her eyes. Her heart was filled with joy,Marble Projects, and her face was filled with sadness. She looked as if she would rather endure the humiliation of staying in the cold kiln for eighteen years: “Sir, I can’t enter the mansion because of my maidservant’s birth. I can’t humiliate my master.”. The master worked hard to get to the present position. He will have a good official career in the future. It is just around the corner. How can he destroy his future because of the humble maidservant? The master should not make a decision, but carefully consider it.

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