Six Treasures in Jianghu

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I saw Lei Da and Lei Sheng move their knees towards Bao Zhengying. “Bang!”! Bang!.. Frequent kowtow unceasingly! The hard ground was knocked out of two holes by two people! Bao Zhengying’s right hand! Two people can not help but be brought up the body, only to see the two of them standing three feet away looking at Bao Zhengying, and two people kneeling place, can not speak. “Big thunder!” Said Bao Zhengying in a loud voice! Lei Sheng! “Yes!” “The old man’s name is Zhao Da!”! Their names are Zhao Er and Zhao San. They are your martial uncles. Lei Da and Lei Sheng hurriedly called to Ali: “Martial Uncle!” I want to kneel. But with a gentle brush, the two of them could not kneel down no matter how hard they tried. They were so anxious that they were sweating profusely and snorting! Bao Zhengying said with a smile, “Second brother, little brother, let them salute.” A Xing two people unload the internal force with a smile, suddenly listen to “bang!”! Bang! And the loud noise, two people know must be this pair of treasure too hard, fell into a big gold ingot. Seeing that Lei Da and Lei Sheng fell to the ground, he did not dare to hum, so he immediately knelt up and began to kowtow. “That’s enough,” said Ah Hsing with a smile! That’s enough! If you keep knocking, the ground will be broken! Believing it to be true, they got up hurriedly and took three big steps back. Seeing this, a Xing and Bu Xiaolan could not bear it any longer. In a long laugh, they had already galloped back to the hall. When Bao Zhengying saw the pure nature of the two disciples, he was very happy and said with a smile, “Lei Da!”! Lei Sheng! Go! Go in and eat! But Lei Da pointed to the two pigeons on the ground and said, “Master,4k smart board, this..” Bao Zhengying shook his head and said, “Just throw it away!” “But the mice haven’t been eaten. Ruan’s father and mother used to say that you can’t throw things around, or you’ll be beaten by Lei Gong!” “Yes!”! What a pity to lose such a delicious pigeon! “Good,” said Bao Zhengying with a smile! Wait until it’s baked! “” “It doesn’t matter!” “Yes!”! We used to pick up something to eat when we were hungry, but it didn’t do much. All right! It’s up to you! With that, he retreated back to the hall. Lei Da and Lei Sheng quickly grabbed a pigeon and ate it as they walked. After entering the hall, they had eaten it up and stared at the food on the table. “Where are the bones?” Asked Bao Zhengying. What bone? “Boss!”! It’s a pigeon bone! “Oh!”! Whoo! Swallow it! Bu Xiaolan exclaimed, “I swallowed it all,65 inch smart board, so fast?”? Aren’t you afraid of choking? Lei Da shook his head and said, “It doesn’t matter!”! It’s faster to eat like this! Lei Sheng answered, “Yes!”! It’s too much trouble to eat and spit bones! Pointing to the silver carp on the table, Bu Xiaolan asked, “When you eat fish, do you spit out the fish bones?” “No!” “Yes!”! Chew a few times to be broken, swallow to be all right, after spitting out, want to close again, want to pour again, in case be stabbed carelessly, not be ‘white decline’ one! Bu Xiaolan asked in surprise, “What is called’white decline ‘?” Xing laughed and said, “It serves you right!” “Oh!”! Interesting! “Let’s go, smartboards for business ,86 smart board,” said Bao Zhengying with a smile! Lei Da, Lei Sheng, you sit next to the git! “Thank you, Master!” “Yes..” This is the most convenient way to serve rice! A Xing three people just ate a mouthful, see them like the wind and clouds to pick up food to eat action, can not help but stop chopsticks, thought: “good fast eating speed!” ” But two people added three meals, that is, stop chopsticks motionless, eyes are secretly glancing at the git and the food on the table, a look of giving up. “Why don’t you eat?” Buxiaolan asked curiously. Lei Da glanced at a Xing and said, “We said last night that we could only eat four bowls at a meal. We’ve already eaten four bowls just now. Don’t eat any more.”. ” “Yes!”! We keep our word! “Did I say yes?” Asked a Xing, both angry and amused. “This..” “Boss, I remember, little Martial Uncle didn’t agree!” “Yes,” said Ah Hsing with a smile! Lei Sheng’s memory is better, since I did not promise, of course, can not count, you continue to eat! “Ha ha!”! That’s awesome! “Yes!”! That’s great! Two people began to be busy again! Bao Zhengying said with a smile, “Lei Da, Lei Sheng, take your time!”! No one will rob you! Their mouths were so full that they could not make a sound at all, only nodding their heads frequently. Nevertheless, they still ate more than twice as fast as the three of them. After a while, when the git sent out “pass!” With a cry, Lei Sheng hurriedly shouted, “Boss, is there no food?” The look was full of tension. Lei nodded apologetically. This Holding back a laugh, Bao Zhengying said, “It doesn’t matter. Eat more vegetables.” After a long time, the bowls and plates have bottomed out, a Xing three people can not help secretly shocked unceasingly! Bao Zhengying asked with a smile: “Lei Da, Lei Sheng, are you full?” “All right!” “So so!” “Can you cook?” Asked Bao Zhengying with a smile. “Yes!”! Ruan’s father has long taught this kind of kung fu! “Yes!”! If not, wouldn’t he be dead long ago? “Good,” said Bao Zhengying with a smile! From now on, you are responsible for the food! “Really?”? Is it okay to eat anything? “And can I eat as much as I want?” “Not bad!”! Wait a minute and go into the kitchen to have a look. If it’s not enough, you can go down the mountain to buy it yourself. Come on, you can accept the silver first! Lei Da unceremoniously accepted the bag of silver and immediately began to clean up the dishes with Lei Sheng. Although they are careless, they do housework cleanly. After a while, they clean up the table and go to the mountain spring behind to wash dishes and chopsticks! Bu Xiaolan sighed, “Whoo!”! Watching them eat, it seemed that every dish was a delicacy, which made me eat a lot more unconsciously! “Yes,” said Ah Hsing with a smile! I ate the most today since I was born! Bao Zhengying said with a smile, “Second brother,interactive touch screens education, little brother, look at what you’re saying. It’s exactly the same as Lei Da and Lei Sheng. It’s really interesting. Ha ha!” A Xing two people think carefully, not from also burst out laughing!.

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