REBAGO Parkowa, 4 55-080 Mokronos Dolny POLAND
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We are the company which produces bags and accessories out of lorry covers (tarpaulins), car seatbelts, bicycle inner tubes and tires, fire hoses, airbags and other posproduction materials. Our bags are handmade and manufactured by us in Poland according to the regulations of European Union where we care about fair trade conditions of working. In our assortment you will find shoppers, laptop bags, handbags, shoulder bags, wallets, belt bags, bike bags, small everyday bags and other accessories. All of them are profoundly made from recycled pre-used materials and each item is unique and one-of-a-kind. All the materials we use are VEGAN. We run our own brand REBAGO but we are also open for B2B cooperation. We can help in creating marketing accessories and personalized bags with your LOGO on it. We can also use your own materials, for example your own tarpaulin, old banners which you no logner need but they still can serve being recreated into new marketing gadgets. Reduce. Reuse. Rebago.

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