Peak of reincarnation

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The three-foot-long beard flutters, and the face is as brilliant as the crown jade. Not long after, I saw Su Xinghe carrying a handsome middle-aged man out of the cave, with long eyebrows, but black. If you only look at the appearance, I am afraid that the man is not much worse than his apprentice. But no matter who is in the car, even Lin Pingzhi, who drives the car, all have an illusion that “this person is extremely old”. Wuyazi lies on the back of his disciple. Although his legs are useless, his elegant demeanor is not reduced at all. In the face of the incredible power of the people, he did not show any fear or gaffe. I don’t know who is visiting, but please show yourself. Although my teacher has many friends, I, an unfilial disciple, still know one or two. The sound is clear and clear, and Wuyazi is neither humble nor pushy, as if he was not facing a senior person, but a passer-by on the road, and even faintly hostile. Su Xinghe was startled to hear the Master’s attitude. As a disciple of Xiaoyao, of course, he always keeps the idea of superiority and inferiority. But why does the master, who has always been strict with himself, treat his senior friends with such an attitude! Su Xinghe’s eyes trembled, but he did not speak. Even if a teacher makes a mistake, he shouldn’t mention it. That’s the rule. Ha-ha ha-ha ha! My life is limited, and knowledge is limitless. The supreme man has no self, the divine man has no merit,white marble mosaic, and the sage has no name. No cliff, unexpectedly, decades of disability, skill was sealed, but you understand the true meaning of Xiaoyao, unfortunately, unfortunately.. Whoa! Carriage curtain opened, a man in white slowly out of the car, Lin Pingzhi hurriedly sideways to greet, but see a flash of white shadow,grey marble slab, the man has arrived in front of Su Xinghe! Nine feet long like a sword, eyes pregnant with stars like electricity. Su Xinghe only looked up at the man, looking at each other, that pair of deep black eyes containing endless universe, completely occupied his mind. Suddenly, the mysterious eyes seemed to expand infinitely, turning into a dark curtain covering the blue sky. In an instant, the darkness swallowed everything! Silence, no phase, Su Xinghe’s thinking stops. There is a great terror between life and death, which is like the nihility of silence, and the snap of a finger is eternity! How can Junyan witness it? Tianwei is hard to guess! A simple spiritual pressure, Su Xinghe, hovering on the edge of death! “Idiot!” A loud shout was like a thunderbolt exploding in the ear, and in the empty space, a thunderbolt fell in the air. Su Xinghe screamed, seven orifices bleeding at the same time, and fell to the ground with a splash, losing consciousness. Wu Ya Zi on his back also collapsed on the ground in a mess and looked at the man angrily! “Hum, Slate Wall Panel ,Granite Slab Supplier, first with the magic sound to capture the soul, and then bully the weak.”. Such a friend, I Xiaoyao Road, can not afford to climb! How can Wuyazi not be angry. The reason why he was a little aggressive when he met on the first day of junior high school was that he obviously felt that his disciple Su Xinghe was captured by a magic sound. If he was really a friend, where would he use this method. In fact, if he hadn’t sat quietly for decades, he would have finally broken the shackles of every Xiaoyao disciple and understood the true meaning of Xiaoyao. I am afraid that at the moment has also been in the other side of the way, inexplicably listen to, act! Easy! Easy! Peripateticism is freedom! Once all sorts of, the master “teaches”, inculcates since childhood “the idea”, actually all is making the shackles deliberately! If you really have a root, no matter how others polish it, it will not change the heart of carefree. A thousand pieces of jade are ground into a utensil, and a hundred pieces of iron are refined into steel! Wuyazi finally understood what the disappointment was when Xiaoyao Lao Zu drove him out of the school! That is not the disappointment of his behavior, that is not the disappointment of his exceeding the rules, that is the disappointment that he did not resist! As a disciple, in the face of the greatest test, Wuyazi finally lost the heart of Xiaoyao! The heavier the rules are, the more you can see the essence of a person. Thousands of disciples of Xiaoyao Dao, those who behave themselves, can only be mediocre after all, and can not get the core inheritance! And only those who have been tested can inherit the mantle! Wuyazi has gone through numerous tests. Under the modest appearance, the spirituality and freedom have been perfectly preserved, just like a piece of jade in the rough, so it is included in the core. But in the face of the last love, when all kinds of tests come at the same time, he finally lost the most precious thing, and his heart sank. Ridiculously, he always thought that what the Master appreciated most was his superficial submissiveness. A great master, how can not see through the original mind of a disciple? It’s too late for Wuyazi to understand. But maybe it’s not too late. Taoist friend, this Leigu Mountain is a private Taoist temple. Please leave! Without hesitation, the half-disabled Wuyazi gave the order to leave. Talented and intelligent, of course, he understood what the enemy wanted. Picture is not the location of their own mountain gate! He glared fearlessly at the other side, and he had decided to defend the secret with his life. Looking down at the boundless lying on the ground in front of him, Chu Xiang’s eyes were always calm and indifferent. Ha ha. Laughing wildly, but there was no smile in his eyes. Are you trying to provoke me? Congratulations, you did it. The tone of indifference, like the high God, is talking to an ant who is praying for pity. When Chu Xiang put his palm on the Baihui point on the top of Wuyazi’s head, the immortal who condensed three flowers did not resist at all, and a smile appeared on his face. “Wuyazi, perhaps you know that death is not everything.” The palm spits the strength, three flowers are broken, seven souls are scattered … With a sly smile, Chu Xiang suddenly pulled hard, holding the palm of his hand, and three white lights, which were difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, kept hitting the invisible barriers in all directions, trying to escape. But you must not know that it is not the privilege of God to play with the soul. Looking at the palm of the three panic white light, five fingers between the flow of black gas, Chu Xiang put away a smile, a hard pinch. Click. ……… “What!”! Lu Youjiao, the elder of the Beggars’ Sect, died in Fuzhou and was slaughtered in Qingcheng?! Mount Song, Shengguan Peak, Mount Song School. Zuo Lengchan suddenly stood up and looked at Fei Bin in disbelief. Had it not been for his most trusted younger martial brother standing in front of him, and had it not been for the other party’s urgent letter in his hand,pietra gray marble, he would have clapped his hands in the past. It’s as if someone told him that aliens had invaded the earth and that Shaolin Fangzheng and Emei had an affair. It’s obvious that they were playing tricks on people. Show it to me! Step forward, whoosh, almost snatched the small letter into his hand.

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