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M.ORO Intelligent Yarn Factory – Digitized, Intelligent, Environmental

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The first phase of the spinning plant covers an area of 265.56 acres. It is located on the south side of Huigong Avenue and on the west side of Helan Road. The construction started at the end of July 2017 and It is planned to build the production workshops including the annex which cover an area of 160,264.95 .

In order to launch the Italian cashmere spinning technology in China, M.ORO has hired Mr. Giacomo Coda Zabetta, the Italian expert in cashmere spinning to be the site engineer to provide technical guidance. Mr. Giacomo Coda Zabetta is responsible for the cashmere spinning sector of the M.ORO plant, bringing the Italian cashmere spinning skills to M.ORO and help to forge the plant with genuine Italian craftsmanship.

We prefer our yarn remain a natural product. The spinning process is performed on state-of-the-art Italian pulling bed machinery. The sophisticated spinning production process is engineered to optimize the quality of knitted and handcrafted artisan product. Once yarn is shipped to knitters and the technical designer knitting specifications are provided, the knitting craft and panel linking process takes place towards the finished sweater. The finished garment is then inspected, strengthened and softened by careful washing. Only then, the sweater is steam ironed and packed for shipping for the ultimate customer to enjoy the luxury experience.




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