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Yes, will this “Lei Yun Xianjun” be tortured carefully after being suppressed, but will it be able to torture out more valuable information? Lei Yun Xianjun took the initiative to say the words, the credibility is extremely low, a hundred sentences may not be true. But as long as he falls into the hands of many practitioners, naturally there are a hundred ways to pull out all the bezoar and dog treasures in his mind! For a moment, the air suddenly became tense. Standing and kneeling practitioners, even if they are close at hand, seem to have a bottomless gap between them! Moments ago, brothers, uncles and nephews, comrades fighting side by side.. The killing intention of the fundus is sharp and clear. Li Yao is looking for an opportunity in the invisible jungle composed of many fierce and murderous looks. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a sneaky “corpse” wriggling silently toward the giant soldier maintenance platform on another floor of the giant soldier warehouse. It was Long Yangjun who turned into “Wang Xi Form”. ” It’s time for Ben to come on stage! Li Yao reluctantly finally licked the black skeleton giant magic soldier. He still could not extinguish the impulse to this giant magic weapon. Make up one’s mind secretly, must kick Lei Yun Xianjun out mercilessly, occupy this “dreamy giant magic soldier”! Li Yao concentrated on calming down, adjusting the angle of the transistor probe,faux ficus tree, and scanning the giant soldiers on several maintenance platforms near the exit of the psionic pipeline. On the left side of the maintenance platform, there is a small giant soldier with a height of 15 or 16 meters. Although his left arm is broken, the rest of his body is intact. Moreover, Li Yao has already controlled the “Big Yanlong Sparrow” which has lost one arm, and has accumulated rich experience. He should be 70% sure that he can start it! In the rightmost corner, there is a giant armored giant soldier with a height of 24 or 25 meters and a width of more than 20 meters. It looks like a giant turtle standing up. It looks quite exciting,artificial banyan trees, but the distance is too far. Li Yao is not sure that he can sneak there safely without disturbing anyone. As for the performance difference of the giant magic weapon, it is not too important. According to Li Yao’s rich experience in controlling the giant magic weapon, it will take at least a year and a half to thoroughly and skillfully use a brand new giant magic weapon and completely integrate it. The Imperial Special Forces just got the Black Skull Giant Soldier, but even the most basic operation interface may not be completely clear, even the various magical powers hidden in the depths of the Giant Soldier may not know how to read. It is impossible for him to exert the extreme power of the Black Skull Giant Soldier. It is not bad if he can inspire one tenth of the fighting power! “Swish, swish, swish!” In front of Li Yao’s eyes, thousands of intricate lines and hundreds of thousands of data emerged, forming a dense pale golden world, instantly condensing into seven different sets of action plans! The situation is about to explode, without delay, artificial grass panels ,Faux cherry blossom tree, he must act immediately! Taking a deep breath, Li Yao poked his head out of the crack in the psionic pipeline while the black skeleton giant soldier turned his back to himself and was entangled with Qi Zhongdao and Han Baling! Just then, unexpectedly, a practitioner standing on the ground inadvertently looked up and swept Li Yao out of the corner of his eye. There are one or two hundred practitioners with extreme sensitivity at the bottom, and it is impossible for Li Yao to wait until everyone lowers their heads to study their toes before climbing out. Li Yao was about to exert his strength, felt the other side’s eyes, and the cold sweat on his forehead came down, and he made a gesture of “silence” to the cultivator. Speaking of it, he and the cultivator of Fenglei Valley had met once, and once helped him adjust a flying sword. The surprise on the face of the elder of Fenglei Valley flashed, nodded slightly to show that he understood, then took a deep breath, his eyes were wide open, his words were perfect, and he shouted in a clear and melodious voice: “Qi Tingxian Jun, there’s someone up there!” —— Thank you all for your strong support these days and all the time, especially some friends who have saved a lot of pocket money to come to Lao Niu. I am so grateful that tears fill my eyes! Lao Niu will try to speed up and continue tomorrow! “Your uncle!” With a roar, Li Yao retreated, and all the detailed plans in his mind burst into thousands of golden fragments, which were reintegrated in the fierce collision and shock! Now that his whereabouts had been exposed, there was nothing to worry about. He shrank back to the corner of the pipe in one breath, ignoring the sharp crystal residue on the inside of the pipe. The psionic power burst suddenly, like a crystal bomb, and the whole pipe was blown out! “Boom!” Just in an instant, a giant spirit with a length and width of two or three meters crossed the end of the pipeline and crumpled up a large mess of pipes and sliding rails on the dome of the warehouse and pulled them down! But it is Lei Yun Xianjun who controls the black skeleton giant magic soldier brazenly! Had it not been for Li Yao’s quick reaction and staying in place for half a second more, he might have fallen into the clutches of the black skeleton giant, and his flesh and blood and steel residue would have been completely integrated! Li Yao did not bother to shout abuse at the despicable informant, and he was still floating in midair before he landed. Thirty meters high, the black skeleton giant soldier is beside him, and compared with this out-and-out black iron tower, he really looks very small. It’s like a battle between a mouse and an elephant. It happened that there were countless crimson snakes wrapped around the “elephant”, which could be long or short and could stretch freely! Leiyun Xianjun missed a hit, and the red crystal long whip wrapped around his trunk and arms once again came out and split into dozens of sharp spearheads, biting hard at the vital parts of Li Yao’s whole body! Looking at the thorns like fangs on the crystal cluster, Li Yao felt that he had been bitten by a poisonous snake! Li Yao’s body suddenly turned into a gray fog, which stimulated the magic power of small-scale UHF maneuvers to the limit. But there were still several crimson crystal whips with barbs and thorns, like soft mace,outdoor ficus tree, which tore seventy or eighty holes in his body mercilessly and took away several large pieces of flesh dripping with blood. After dozens of long whips, Li Yao turned into a bloody man in an instant! “Do it!” The confrontation between Li Yao and Lei Yun Xianjun was only a matter of a moment. But to the almost suffocating atmosphere, add fuel to the fire!.

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