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Twice a year, our design team develops the highly anticipated main collections, which we present to international designers and manufacturers in the fashion industry. There is a lot of passion and countless hours of work in this development work. We do not just want to join styles and trends, but to influence and create them ourselves with our button creations. Of course, we are constantly inspired by fashion capitals like New York, Milan, Paris or London. But fairytale stories, works of art, walks and trips to remote places or encounters with eccentric people are sources of inspiration for us.

In addition to the development of our main collections, an essential part of our creative work is to fulfill customer requirements exclusively. This often results in unfamiliar colors and unusual symbioses of materials, patterns and shapes. That’s what makes our button creations something very special. Customers love our buttons because they are born with creativity and passion down to the smallest detail. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop extraordinary button concepts that “touch” successfully outdoors.

Our range is:

Fashion Buttons

Shirt Women Buttons

Shirt Men Buttons

Menswear Buttons

Outwear Buttons

Natural buttons

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