Carve a dragon and a phoenix

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Chen Minhan is naturally not a fool, can see that Xie Bin and Zou Xintong have the intention to take care of her, but she can do nothing but say thank you. When Xie Bin heard that Chen Minhan wanted to go home, he naturally would not refuse. He said with a smile, “It’s easy to go home, but first move your things to your sister Xintong. It’s not safe to live here.” Chen Minhan has a lot of things, in addition to all kinds of clothes, scattered cosmetics are packed in a large box. When I checked out, the landlord didn’t say much. He was very kind. He just charged 500 yuan for repairing the window. A bedroom window was cut directly by the SWat team members, even the anti-theft window, which was really troublesome to repair. Take Chen Minhan to the villa, let her pick a bedroom, put everything down. Embarrassed, Chen Minhan whispered, “Brother Bin, this house is too luxurious. Where can I afford to live?” Xie Bin said with a smile, “It’s all right. Don’t worry about it.” Then he told me, “I’ll clean up. I’ll invite Director Xue and those people to have a meal in the evening to express my gratitude. It’s better to just close the case and save trouble.” Chen Minhan answered in a low voice. Zou Xintong is still tasting, heard that Chen Minhan is all right, also did not rush to come back. In the evening, Xie Bin made an appointment with Director Xue and the SWat team to have dinner at Ted, so he simply took Chen Minhan to have a taste. But Tan Rui had nothing to do and went back to her home first. On the second floor of Yipinjian, Zou Xintong saw Chen Minhan coming in with Xie Bin. She stood up and took Chen Minhan’s hand, touched her back, and whispered: “Well, it’s all right. I’ll be with my sister in the future.” The words made Chen Minhan almost cry again. Of course,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, it has to be said that Zou Xintong, the royal elder sister, plays a very interesting role. After all, she is really older and has a lot of experience. In the past, when he was in Xu’s jewelry, Zou Xintong was able to compete for the position of the head of a store at the age of twenty-three or twenty-four, which is really not to be underestimated. And Chen Minhan? Although she has been working hard outside for several years, her character is far less lively than Zou Xintong’s. Compared with Zou Xintong, a strong woman in the shopping mall, Chen Minhan is like a small witch who has seen a big witch and has been eaten by Zou Xintong. Also fortunately Zou Xintong does not have the bad heart,smart boards for conference rooms, otherwise, is sells Chen Minhan immediately, estimated that must be grateful to Zou Xintong. Xie Bin in the side looked a little boring, Zou Xintong this performance is too much, comfort comfort is good, why like life and death as reluctant to let go? Besides, you two have only known each other for more than half a month. Where do you get such deep feelings? But Xie Bin did not know that when this woman was with a woman, if she looked at each other, the relationship would develop very quickly, and maybe she could go shopping together and become a best friend. Not to mention that now Zou Xintong admires Chen Minhan’s temperament very much, and has the intention to draw Chen Minhan, the relationship between the two people is naturally more intimate than Xie Bin imagined, otherwise, how can Zou Xintong let Chen Minhan live with her? Zou Xintong has never invited another woman to accompany her. In the evening, Xie Bin took Chen Minhan to the Ted Hotel in advance. Fang Weizhong is sitting in the hall, see Xie Bin come in, stand up with a smile, “brother, touch screen board classroom ,smartboards in classrooms, come, ha ha, specially waiting for you.” Xie Bin said with a smile, “Please, Brother Fang.” Then he introduced to Chen Minhan, “This is Fang Da, the boss of this hotel. Just call him Brother Fang.” Chen Minhan’s mood recovered a little and he called out softly, “Brother Fang.”. When Fang Weizhong saw Chen Minhan, his small eyes narrowed like a crack, and he looked like a lady-killer. He has seen a lot of women, played a lot of estimates, but like Chen Minhan temperament so unique, but really have not seen. But no matter how greedy he is, he can only look at it. With Xie Bin, he dare not have any idea. Fang Weizhong nodded to Chen Minhan and said to Xie Bin with a smile, “Brother, everything you ordered is ready. Would you like to have a look?” Xie Bin said with a smile, “I can rest assured that Brother Fang is ready, and then it will be done according to the plan.”. ” Chapter 109 why at the beginning? Volume II Chapter 109 Why at the beginning? Director Xue came soon, accompanied by those who took part in the action in the morning, not many, but there were fifteen or sixteen, most of them were action personnel, that is, the SWat team, as well as three policewomen and several ordinary policemen, all dressed in civilian clothes, uniforms are too eye-catching. With Director Xue taking the lead, everyone was a little restrained. The main purpose of inviting these people was to express their gratitude, and Chen Minhan offered them a toast one by one. Not to mention, Chen Minhan’s capacity for liquor is really very good, although everyone did not drink freely, also did not heckle, but Chen Minhan a circle down, also drank more than half a catty of flying. In the middle of the drink, Xie Bin got up and went out. He lit a cigarette in the corridor. Then Director Xue also came out. He said to Xie Bin with a smile, “It’s all right. Don’t be too grand.” Xie Bin smiled, “I know, I have a sense of propriety in my heart, and I won’t embarrass you.” He asked, “Haven’t Yuying contacted you yet?” Director Xue gave a wry smile, “I got in touch and sent an e-mail, but I couldn’t find the specific address, alas.” Xie Bin smiled, thinking that Liu Tao himself was a hacker, and naturally he would not easily let others trace his address. Just looking at Xue Zhian’s sad face, I couldn’t bear it. I comforted her by saying, “Don’t be too anxious. Maybe after a while, she will be able to figure it out by herself. When the time comes, she will come back without you looking for her. She said before that the main reason is that you are pushing too hard.” Xue Zhian sighed and shook his head with a wry smile. “So what if I come back?”? Come back with the baby? Now I just want her to be safe, and the rest. Xie Bin secretly shook his head, early know so, why at the beginning? Just Xie Bin secretly Tucao not to say, the thought of Xue Yuying with other men is very uncomfortable. Xie Bin naturally knew that this was a big man’s psychology at work, but these thoughts seemed to take root and sprout in the bottom of his heart, and there was no way to dispel them. But Xie Bin’s mind is afraid to let others know, although the average man will have such a feeling, but after all,75 smart board, it is not a topic that can be made public, especially in the current environment, in the case of monogamy is the theme.

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