Designers on Notre-Dame

Designers on Notre-Dame

As Paris — and the world — continued to reel from the fire that devastated Notre-Dame Cathedral on Monday, designers reacted to the blaze and shared their memories of the famed landmark, the center of the City of Light.
Ralph Lauren: “We always remember where we were when tragedies occur like yesterday’s devastating fire in the cathedral of Notre-Dame. I was in a design meeting when one of my French team members uttered a cry and said, ‘Notre-Dame is in flames.’ We watched together on her iPhone as that towering spire, a landmark of Paris for centuries, collapsed. It was difficult to return to work thinking of all our friends and colleagues in Paris and in France who have suffered this loss so personally. Our thoughts are with them and our strong belief that Notre-Dame will rise from the ashes and continue to inspire not only the strong faith and resiliency of the French people, but all of us from around the world who have been touched by the beauty and history of that remarkable edifice.”
Diane von Furstenberg: “Watching it burn yesterday was heartbreaking.
“But it is standing and will be rebuilt.
“Notre-Dame de Paris is Paris.
“It is also the Victor Hugo book

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